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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finding dates for busy Silicon Valley geeks: There's a dating service for that

Amy Andersen

Amy Andersen is SiliconValley's renowned matchmaker. Hard-working geeks get lonely too.

"There's just not enough time to be out meeting people," George Shaw, a Silicon Valley tech worker  looking for love told ABC7 News.

Shaw travels and works day and night as the head of research and development for a hot Silicon Valley startup. He sought the services of Linx Dating.

Linx is a premium service. Membership starts at $2,500. For all the bells and whistles, you can spend up to $50,000.

Andersen conducts gatherings at the Fours Seasons in Palo Alto for her elite members. She handpicks a select few from a group of hundreds to introduce to her top members.

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