Silicon Valley News

Monday, November 1, 2010

Intel to make programmable chips for startup

Intel announced today that it will use its advanced 22 nanometer technology to manufacture programmable chips for Silicon Valley startup Achronix.

Achronix said the deal would allow the maker of FPGAs, for field programmable gate arrays, to incorporate the cutting edge 22 nanometer technology ahead of market leaders Altera and Xilinx. Intel, which normally does not make semiconductors  for outside chip companies, is believed to be far ahead of other foundries in the development of 22 nanometer technology.

"This is a historic development," said Achronix chief executive John Lofton Holt. "Intel is far ahead of anyone else in new process generations."

FPGAs can be programmed for specific tasks after they are purchased by customers, which include makers of telecommunications and networking equipment, industrial and aerospace applications.